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Covid-19 Response

Our procedures and cleaning processes have been readjusted to deal with the world nowadays, you can safely stay with us as we will make sure the rooms are free of any contaminants. From booking to check out, AirFreedom provides a private, secure and contact-free experience. ⦁ Contactless Entry ⦁ Online Concierge System and Check-in Forms ⦁ PPE Equipped Staff ⦁ Ozone Air Filtering procedures adopted ⦁ Ozone Technology washed laundry supplies ⦁ Covid 19 Contact Tracing in Place ⦁ Lockdown rooms before your arrival AirFreedom is a property management company that is closely monitoring the evolving Covid-19 situation and taking measures to keep our residents and employees safe during this crisis time. The health and safety of our guests remain our top priority. AirFreedom has initiated various precautionary safety measures in all our properties across Newport, Cardiff and South Wales. We are following the government guidelines and provisions of the coronavirus prevention checklist concerning operations in our properties. AirFreedom makes substantial efforts to guide our employees and give them the latest information on Covid-19 health protocols. Our company has implemented improved cleaning procedures in all our properties to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our personnel, including staff and maintenance crews, practice social distancing and wear face masks as well as follow health safety protocols when working in our properties. The aim is to ensure the health and safety of our guests.